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An insight into how we work to keep our schools safe, so #HollistonInnovates can happen

Holliston Police Chief Matthew Stone, Holliston Fire Chief and Director of Emergency Management Michael Cassidy and Superintendent of Schools Bradford Jackson announced today that the senior leadership teams from the Holliston Police Department, Holliston Fire Department and the Holliston Public Schools have just completed an intensive, 3-hour joint emergency preparedness exercise, designed to strengthen the quality and effectiveness of a joint response to a school-based incident.Participants in the exercise included command staff from the Holliston Police and Fire Departments, Holliston’s two School Resource Officers, the Dispatch Supervisor, the School Department’s Central Office administrative team, and the Principal, Assistant Principal and Student Services Administrators from each of Holliston’s four schools.
During the 3-hour exercise facilitated by Fire Chief Cassidy, participants responded to a number of mock scenarios, including searching for a missing studen…